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We have an active strategic partnership program and are always interested in exploring ways to work together. Get in touch with us today!

Email us at partnerships@202works.com, or simply message us here.

Some of our Partners

govpredict logo

GovPredict software helps organizations influence Congress, the 50 states, and the cities. From Fortune 100 companies to major trade associations, organizations use GovPredict to break down silos between lobbying and grassroots, between politics and policy

owler logo

Owler is the world’s largest community-based competitive insights platform that business professionals use to outsmart their competition, gain competitive insights, and uncover the latest industry news and alerts. Owler is powered by an active community of 1.5 million business professionals who contribute unique business insights such as competitors, private company revenue, and CEO ratings.

l4g logo

Lobbyists 4 Good is the first crowdfunding platform that gives everyday Americans the same access to professional lobbyists as large corporations and special interest groups. Their mission is to empower everyday people to have a stronger voice in Government, and achieve this by enabling people to hire lobbyists to work on our behalf.

TheBridge logo

TheBridge translates between tech, policy and politics and provides a unique forum for productive, dialogue increasing understanding and collaboration between innovators and policy makers.